Forked Build

To get on the right chain I've done the following:

  1. stop lytixd or the lytix-qt

  2. copy over the .lytix (Linux) or the %appdata%\Lytix (Windows) directory to .lytix.old or Lytix.old

  3. create a new .lytix directory or Lytix directory

  4. copy over my wallet.dat, lytix.conf, masternode.conf, and maxnode.conf over from the old directory to the new

  5. put the bootstrap.dat in the new directory

  6. start lytixd or the lytix-qt app

  7. let it rebuild

Bootstrap is here:

Another method:

  1. Stop the app or the daemon

  2. Move your .lytix or %APPDATA%\Lytix directory to something like .lytix_bak or Lytix_old

  3. Download the prebuilt Lytix directory

  4. Unzip the file in the same area as your old directory

  5. Copy over the following files from your directory to lytix_dir

  6. wallet.dat

  7. lytix.conf

  8. masternode.conf

  9. maxnode.conf

  10. Move the lytix_dir directory over to Lytix (Windows, Mac )or .lytix (Linux)

  11. Start up the daemon and it should synch to the blocks on the explorer

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